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How Much Does Home Staging Cost in Houston TX?

How Much Does Home Staging Cost?

Learn more about the cost and benefit of home staging in the Houston area. 

How much does it cost to stage your home in the Houston area? 

First, you must understand the 3 different types of home staging: 

1.   Vacant Staging is used when the property is empty (ie. home owners do not currently reside in the home)

2.   Occupied Staging is when the homeowners reside in the home

3.   Consultations provide you with the information you need to improve the appearance of your home so that you sell the property         faster and for more money. 

Each type of staging mentioned above varies in cost.

Every $1 spent on staging results in a $4 return.*
-National Association of Realtors

Who typically pays for the cost of home staging? 

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Vacant Staging requires more investment, as the stagers are designing your spaces from scratch, curating furniture and décor specific to your property, delivering and installing furnishings, and finally removing everything after the home sells. 

The average vacant stage costs between $2,000 - $4,000


Occupied Staging has a wider range, as each home varies depending on the amount of staging needed.  

The average occupied stage costs between $800 - $1,600 

Consultations include Walk & Talks and Written Reports. 

  • Walk-and-Talks are $250 and include a stager for up to two hours. Designers will provide best  recommendations to maximize buyer appeal and increase selling price.

  • Written Reports are $379 and detail everything the homeowner needs to do to prepare their home for market in a written report from a professional.  

Who pays for the staging? 

This varies depending on the relationship/agreement between the agent and seller and the agent's marketing strategy.  Many agents include staging or consultations in their listings to provide more value to their clients.  Sometimes sellers choose to select their preferred staging company. 

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