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Top 5 Most Important Areas to Stage When Selling Your East Texas Area Home

Updated: Jun 6

August 22, 2023

By Summer Rosenbalm - Chilton Staging + Design

When listing a home in the East Texas area, it's critical that your property stands out among the others. In today's market, buyers have the power to choose among multiple homes for sale, so the best and most affordable way to make a great first impression is to utilize staging.

Read our Top 5 Most Important Areas to Stage When Selling Your East Texas area Home.

#1 - Entryway

We always, without exception, recommend staging the entryway. This is the first and last space that potential buyers will walk through. First impressions are critical and the entryway is a great place to "wow" visitors and set expectations for the rest of the home.

Tip: Whenever possible, we add mirrors to the entryway so that buyers can literally see themselves in the home!

#2 - Living Room

We love staging living rooms because that's where you well... live most of the time when you're at home. It's also the space where we sometimes run into challenges with floorplans and furniture placement. If a living room isn't staged and is particularly difficult to imagine a furniture placement, it's even more important to have it professionally staged.

#3 - Primary Bedroom

The primary bedroom is where your buyers want to see their dream sleep oasis. In vacant non-staged homes, potential buyers will likely pop their heads into a primary bedroom and spend 30 seconds. However, the goal is to keep buyers in the home as long as possible so they can fall in love. Staging the primary bedroom is a great way to encourage buyers to pause and reflect.

#4 - Dining Room

The dining room is where we imagine spending quality time with our families and friends, enjoying meals together. Even if your home doesn't have a designated dining room, we still encourage you to define an eating area so that buyers can envision themselves eating together with their loved ones.

#5 - Kitchen

When it comes to staging, this is an area that is often overlooked. But if you think about it, kitchens are really what sell homes. If there's an opportunity to add nice barstools, accessories and artwork, then we do it! It adds so much to the space adding in cookbooks, greenery, chopping boards, and pretty canisters.

P.S - Thinking of staging more rooms than these Top 5? Go for it! These are just the minimum we recommend, but the more you stage, the more you can impress.

Chilton Staging + Design is here to help you receive higher real estate offers in East Texas. Click here to get a free staging quote and sell your listing for top dollar!

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